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Technical News 2016

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We have expanded our production with two other centers, an erosion plunge and a surface grinding machine CNC able to shape the grinding wheel in any form by means of a cam, directly importing the DXF file. Will be operational by July 10,2015 the two centers, one of which course with X=1300 Y=700 Z=650 mm, while the erosion plunge is already Operational and the adjustment we are making programming courses and training.

We have acquired a good experience in working with 5-axis milling applied to all materials that OMBAR is able to work from Aluminum alloys till to hardened steel with a hardness over 62 HRC.
Also together with a Swiss partner, importer of a Japanese product, we have developed two important processes on carbide namely drilling and related thread diameters up to M6 and milling of complex shapes with precision grads and a roughness of 0.3

To conclude in the last three months we have managed to perfect the Boring of guide plates blanking port dies and punches, material 1.2311,
guaranteeing a maximum error of 0.005 mm on the geometric position, the circularity, the cylindricity and repeatability up to 200 holes for a 50 mm thickness.