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Our production cycle

from raw material to delivery to the customer.
  • 1. Purchase Materials

    Purchase Materials Purchase raw material in round bars or flat at the dealer or DORRENBERG BOHLER with a certificate of quality.
  • 3. Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment Heat Treatment almost always in a controlled atmosphere and vacuum also with certificate of quality and durability of the system.
  • 5. Machining tool of particular

    Machining tool of particular Machining tool of hardened or unhardened particular to optimize all geometries and tolerances imposed by the design.
  • 7. Dimensional Inspection

    Dimensional Inspection Control Dimensional Metrology with machines and tools available as listed in the key control with writing and printing custom report.
  • 9. Shipping

    Shipping by courier or where it is needed through us.
  • 2. Turning or Milling

    Turning or Milling Turning or milling operations before heat treatment after choosing the right processing cycle with the relative oversizes be removed in the finishing phase.
  • 4. Finish machining

    Finish machining Finish machining with universal cylindrical surface grinding or for exterior and interior with all the necessary controls where the tolerances of the technical design require it.
  • 6. Laser Marking

    Laser Marking Laser Marking the number of the design including a logo or our customer by customizing the product.
  • 8. Packing

    Packing Packaging with suitable material and personalized OMBAR.